Mobilising for Mogo: Is a fundraising event for Mogo Public School P&C Association

On December 31st, 2019 the town of Mogo was almost razed to the ground by an inferno that swept through this historic town that is also home to so many.

As a small step in supporting the town, I reached out to the P&C of Mogo Public School and offered to collect back to school items for each of the 35 children who will be returning to school on January 28. Successfully Achieved – THANK YOU EVERYONE.

If you are not able to donate in-kind, a cash donation via credit card is possible and these funds will go directly into the Mogo Public School P&C Association Bank Account at Westpac.

If you wish to make a direct bank transfer, the details are:

BSB: 032681 (Westpac)
Acct: 032681239194
Mogo Public School P&C Association

Cash donations will be initially earmarked to replace the chicken coop and replant the vegetable patch.  Additional cash donations will be applied to school activities and events at the discretion of the Mogo Public School P&C to assist families in their community.

Sallianne McClelland – Email


Remains of the Roman Leathergoods store
after fires tore through Mogo.
GoFundMe for Lorena Granados Family

MUD Kitchen by MiniKaze supporting Mogo Pre School

When Michael at MiniKaze heard about our “Mobilise for Mogo”, he did not hesitate to offer one of his beautiful handmade outdoor MUD Kitchens for the kids at Mogo Pre School.


Check out these fabulous MUD Kitchens on Facebook >>>