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Art is You is a WEave100 Community.  Weave100 Communities are a BIG part of the Million Stars project.

The goal of Art is You Mixed Media Retreats is to create 10,000 stars in the year 2016.

We will have WEave JAM opportunities at:

Art is You Santa Rosa – April 2016
Art is You Roadshow Australia – July 2016
Art is You Stamford – October 2016

We are hoping that each person will create at least 10-15 stars either during the year or onsite at one of these retreats. We believe that together we can create 10,000 stars which will then be showcased at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel, Connecticut, USA in October 2016. From there our stars will be sent directly to Brisbane where they will be incorporated in the final showcase of 1 Million Stars.

How to:

  • 4 lengths of ribbon/strips of paper that are approx 1 inch wide and 20 inches long (2.5cm wide and 50cm long).  Plastic tear ribbon works well.
  • Watch the video below.
  • Bring your stars to an Art Is You Retreat or send them to us.

Whether you are attending a retreat or not, you can participate. We will have coordinators in both Australia and the USA in a number of different cities where people can mail their stars to.

We look forward to a fabulous year and our 2016 Living in Generosity Project!


Photo: Nik Harrison 2013. First Million Star Installation #onemillionstars #starlove #starweaving— at The Big Design Market.

About the Project:
“Returning hate for hate only multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already void of stars. Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that.” Dr Martin Luther King.

What began as a response to a local tragedy, has grown nto something MASSIVE and is slowly reaching into people’s hearts across Australia and the world.

“When I could not find the words, my hands and heart felt like weaving. I decided to weave stars as a way to bring more light into the world at this sad time and as a reminder that we need to have navigating stars that call us to hold onto hope and courage to end violence in our communities, including violence against women. I was so moved by Dr MLK’s words, that I wanted to share it with the world! I posted on facebook that day (as you do) that I would love people to get involved and help me weave 1 million stars, as symbols of courage to end violence; to be light and love in the world, when we know there is so much suffering and hate.

The Million Stars project is about keeping the conversations alive and meaningful in people’s hearts and minds. It’s also about making something beautiful and stunning TOGETHER. We don’t need a tragedy to be diligent and commited to ending violence. It should be normal for us to care about each other’s safety and well being, to talk about it, be creative about it and make it a priority in our families and communities. When there are no words to express our despair, we can weave stars. When we feel paralysed and disconnected from the world, we can weave stars with those we trust or by ourselves. When we want to make something beautiful and have fun and be part of an important conversation, we can weave stars. Weaving stars transcends language, abilities, age, sex, gender and economics. This is the power and beauty of this project. You don’t have to be master weaver or an artist to participate either. I welcome EVERYONE, those impacted by violence, those who are the perpetrators of violence to weave stars. We all need support, courage and love to make safe communities.” Maryann Talia Pau (Creator of 1 Million Stars to End Domestic Violence)


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