Doreen Gay-Kassel – Pods, Plants and Color

Doreen Gay-Kassel
Pods, Plants & Color
Friday 9th October
One Day Workshop


In this workshop we’ll take our inspiration from the natural world. I’ll bring loads of organic reference and we’ll use that as a jumping off point. Pods are particularly luscious and lend themselves to all kinds of fantastic interpretations.

We won’t be bound by ‘reality’ but we’ll need to understand the nature of the material – and how it grows – noticing patterns – symmetry – lack of symmetry – to alter that ‘reality’ and take off on individual interpretations.

We’ll be sculpting and molding the polymer when it’s soft and etching and incising it after it’s been cured. All the scratching, layers and etching will add to the complexity and depth of the piece as we add dazzling color with oil paints.


Kit Fee $20: polymer clay, pressed cotton balls, oil paint, turpenoid and paper palettes.

Supplies to bring:

A work surface
Small paint brushes
Clay tools including a needle tool
Cutting blade
Exacto knife
This tool is strongly suggested…tapered double sided clay shaper, #6: (tapered tip)

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