Nellie Wortman: Captured Moments

Nellie Wortman
One Day Workshop
9th October, 2016

Captured moments 2 boxes

We all capture moments within our minds and hold them in a safe place to be revisited time and again. A place that allows those memories to be in a sacred place that no one can take away from us. I love to take those memories and create pieces of art out of them. Take those tidbits of moments/memories and speak a message that allows others to see what I hold dear.

In this class, we will create a box that allows us to tuck those special memories, photos or trinkets away for safe keeping. I will show you different techniques, that create those dreamy images of faraway places. We will then create a cover out of it and also sample cards for you to use in your art pieces.

Captured moments box 1

Supply list:
Scissors, pencil
Apron, old rag
Tacky glue, glue stick
Modge Podge and brush
Paint brushes; 3-4 favorite brushes I like to use; (3/4”, 1/2”, 1/4”) Embellishments; sticks, buttons, ribbon, printed words, pieces of spine from books, etc.
Fabrics; small snipets of various pieces that you enjoy working with Catalyst Wedge; I like working with the gray shape #6

Captured moments card 2

Kit fee: $25.00

Instructor will be providing most of what is needed to complete this project.
Wooden box Vintage papers Hammer, nails wire
Sewing machine and thread
drill, heat gun
Various paints, inks, various mediums, various pencils, charcoals, etc. Watercolor paper
Stamps and ink pads

Nellie Wortman

Captured moments top view

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