Lynne Suprock: Putting on the Glitz

Lynne Suprock
One Day Workshop
7th October, 2016

Puttin On The Glitz_Suprock

Once upon a time….. and…. sigh.

How many times growing up, or even now, have we just wanted to run with the wind, or fly atop the trees, to let loose and leave our troubles behind for a day. We all wear many hats, doing a million things for our job, our family, our spouses, or for our church, and by the end of every day, when we hang up all those hats, we are…. well, pooped. Those hats are important, but which one actually flaunts the “me factor”?

I say, in that stash of hats, we should all have at least one crown…. A glorious, just for me, I am a princess, crown. Of course, I keep making them and wearing them, so indeed have more than one, but each and every time I put one on, it is special. I FEEL special, even when no one is around.

Take this workshop to make a Glitzy piece to wear without care……and to where anywhere! Yes, I do that too. I guarantee you that you will be contagious and start a trend, or maybe just a sisterhood.

Puttin On The Glitz Collage_Suprock


  • Class is size limited to 20 students.
  • Soldering Experience is also a must. All students should have at least had some experience with soldering.

$15.00 kit fee
Instructor brings rhinestone strands, wires, appropriate solder blocks, combs, flux and flux brushes

Students Must Bring the Following:
1. Sharpie marker
2. 8mm crystals or pearls to dangle if you would like on your piece
3. Pins or costume jewelry that is metal that can be soldered, (either nickel, silver or brass)
4. Tooth brush
5. Ruler
6. Round nosed pliers
7. Wire cutter

Bring a Solder station that consists of:
1. An old pair of jewelry straight nosed pliers that will be exposed to flux
2. Non lead solder that is the large bead kind on spool. Can be found at hardware store. I get mine at Lowe’s, in the plumbing section, which is least expensive option. If you order, Canfield online has a nice variety of non lead solders. DO NOT GET THE ROSIN CORE TYPE OF SOLDER (we don’t want rosin). DO NOT GET THE THIN BEAD SOLDER. (We want the large bead kind)
3. Soldering iron, 100 watt, and chisel style tip will work best. Do not bring a soldering iron that is used for electronics or that is small watt. See link for one that I use: I use The Studio Professional™ (100W) Soldering Iron
Item #6010. I use it with a temp controller, MiniPhaser Item#60014. You can also find a combo iron and controller on this site. Look for the TempTrol 100™ (100W) Soldering Iron, Item# 60100 Hobby Lobby has soldering iron with temperature controller built in as well.
4. small cellulose sponge
5. a metal cookie sheet or a high temp resistant silicone mat (found at kitchen supply stores) to protect work space
6. bring a sal ammoniac block for tinning and cleaning your iron
7. Optional: A solder fume mask, or plug in table top charcoal air cleaner, if you suffer asthma or smoke allergies. Note: dust masks are not fume masks. Lowe’s and Harbor Freight carry masks that are for solder fumes.

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