Lynne Suprock: City Girl Pendant and Bracelet

Lynne Suprock
One Day Workshop
6th October, 2016

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Cityscapes along the eastern seaboard are among my most favorite sunrise pictorials. I am drawn to them and to most art portraying them. Born an urban gal, I used to love going into the city with my mom on a holiday shopping adventure. My early memories are about dressing up, eating at a downtown department store restaurant, and riding the street car in Pittsburgh. I still sigh a happy sigh and smile. The skyscrapers were so tall and the reflections in their windows of other buildings, so interesting!

In this workshop I have recreated those memories onto metal and leather. You will learn a few tricks for better using the jewelry saw and create complimentary pieces for both a pendant and bracelet. You will etch the metal untraditionally.

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But wait; there is another story here ladies…

While in my art studio, reviewing some jewelry sawing with AIY art sister JoAnne Parker Owens, there came an “ah-ha” moment. Jo Anne did a beautiful job sawing and decided to keep her piece for wearing. She wanted to put an etch on her copper piece next. However, I discovered I was out of clean etchant ….egads no! So next came an “uh-oh” moment. I had some alternative tools that we tried instead, and Jo Anne’s piece turned out just as beautiful as it would have with etchant. I am so excited to share this no acid alternative! Such fun!
Aside from working the metal, you will learn to dye natural leather and use an awl, attaching one of your finished pieces to the bracelet with an unlikely but perfect thread source.
Kit Fee $10.00

Instructor brings copper, leather and dyes, etching tools.
Students Must Bring the following:
1. sharpie
2. ruler
3. earplugs
4. Jeweler’s saw
5. 2/0 blades for saw
6. Jeweler’s V slot Bench pin with clamp
7. Small metal file
8. Small awl
9. Small cutting board or 3” by 3” or so piece of wood, for pushing awl through leather
10. vinyl dinner placemat (will get dirty)
11. ½” pastry brush or chip brush to use with dyes
12. Hairdryer to hasten dye dry time

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