Lynne Suprock: A Classic Little Book Necklace

Lynne Suprock
One Day Workshop
9th October, 2016

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I can be quite enthusiastic about designing and making my teeny, tiny, little books. Way back in the day, when I was a little girl, I used to make them for my dolls so that I could read them magical bedtime stories! As a big girl, I’ve been excited to teach several “how to” little book workshops, using a variety of different materials.

For this particular workshop, I feel the metal and leather techniques used are simple, yet stunning, for a wearable 1.5” by 2” classic book. Each will open and close, and will be full of pages that you design, using a quick and fun paint technique. Those pages can accommodate your handwritten words, or even hold your art in miniature!

In this workshop, we will do some metal coloring with heat, as well as paint, bend, shape, and rivet. As well, you will be adding your own title right onto the leather! Then we will finish the necklace off with an easy to make and coordinating, stackable button bead.

There is a little bit of everything in this class, and beginners are absolutely welcome… so come and get your book on!

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Kit Fee: $10.00

Instructor brings paper, paints, copper, leather, assemblage hardware.

Students Must Bring The Following:
1. Small hammer, steel block and rubber pad
2. Small butane torch
3. Fire brick or solderite pad
4. Extra fine point black sharpie marker, black
5. Hair dryer
6. Small, sharp scissors
7. Small round nosed pliers
8. Small bent or straight nosed pliers to pick up hot copper
9. Assorted favorite buttons and size 6mm or 8mm favorite beads (instructor will have some to share if you don’t have these available)

Note: Small butane torches may be found in kitchen stores or hardware stores

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