TJ Goerlitz – Autograph Book and Social Mixer

TJ Goerlitz
Autograph Book and Social Mixer
Thursday 20 April
Evening Workshop


This event is going to be your chance to create an art book to store your memories and keepsakes from the retreat as well as your opportunity to meet and network with your artists. Become acquainted with the larger group and experience an extraordinary evening of mingling with other creative souls. Just when you think you’ve used up all your creative juices during your day class, get re-energized in the evening through the fun of signing autograph books!!


For introverts and extroverts alike, this event will be one part creative, one part social. We will spend 45-60 minutes constructing a simple book structure to use as a vessel to store your tidbits and sentiments from the retreat. You will learn how to cover book board and finish the inside with pockets. Inner pages will be added with a simple pamphlet stitch. The rest of the time will be spent using strategies from stir events to meet one another and make our marks and impressions in one another’s books. Be ready to create your container and then let go and see what happens in the hands of everybody else. Think of it as speed dating with a stamp pad or a round robin on fast forward!


This is the ideal place to bring your trades, personalized or hand carved stamps, transfers or stickers.

Class Supply List:
Hand carved, personalized, or favorite rubber stamps to print into one another’s books
Favorite stamp pads
Adhesive: Either Double sided such as Uline, MyStick, 3M, Tombow, etc. and/ or an Uhu glue stick and waste papers
Favorite pens, markers or mark making tools
Scissor or knife and small cutting mat
Sewing Needle

Helpful: Bone folder, Awl (not everyone has to have these, but it would be great if at least half of the class did and would share).

Staplers and staples
Hole punchers
Tags with ribbons or strings
Washi tape
Spray Inks
Custom or Commercial Stickers
Collage papers or anything you can quickly smash into one another’s books
Apron if concerned about clothing

Kit Fee Paid to Instructor $15:
Includes book board, book cloth, inner pages, thread, and special edition 2017 Art-Is-You cover print.


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