Susan Lenart Kazmer: Layering transparent plus Resin Relics and Ancient Artifacts

Susan Lenart Kazmer
Layering transparent – Foils, Tints and Imagery in Resin
Resin Relics and Ancient Artifacts
Thursday 20 April
One Day Workshop

layering transparent

Layering transparent – Foils, Tints and Imagery in Resin

Be exposed to the ultimate transparency that only resin can offer in jewelry. Create layers of extraordinary jewelry by use of transparent images, text and photo transfers. Explore the vast possibilities resins have to offer in jewelry in combination with metal bezels. Learn proper mixing, application, combining and pouring layers and safety tips. This hands on workshop offers many foundational techniques from filling hollow bezel forms with photo text, foil and layering of materials.

layuering t

$20.00 Kit includes – Ice resin, metal bezels, metallic foils, (finished piece with foil) 2 mixed metal bezels, bronze sheet metal, sandpaper, 16 gauge round wire, plastic gloves image transfers,

Please bring – round needle and chain nose pliers, scissors, tin snips

I provide use of Iced enamels, images, markers, photo transfers, Ice resin, cups, stir sticks, resin wipes, paper sealants, oil pastel, Tools I provide if needed- drills and drill bits, dapping blocks, forming blocks, files, sgraffito tools, heat guns, torches, sandpaper etc. If you are local or have a drill available it will reduce your wait time. Extra-You can also bring found metal objects to pour resin into.

layering t

Resin, Relics and Ancient Artifacts – Casting Resin

resin relics

Focus on new works in jewelry and Resin as it has never been presented before in casting….sand, scratch, and scraffitto your way into creating unique objects and ancient artifacts in jewelry in combination with metal. Focus and build with resin using multiple thin layers while learning new techniques and application for scratching, crackling, engraving, transferring of imagery, making marks and coloring surface with foils and tints.
Learn different techniques in casting such as Dirty Casting and Glass resin casting. Build ancient relics.

Each student will leave with a beautiful pendant and a journal full of ideas and a whole new direction to focus your work.

resin relics

Kit fee $30.00 – includes rubber silicone, finished resin component to work on…expendables such as resin to use in class, mica flakes, powders and cold enamels, solder, sand paper, wire.

Please bring – optional – meaningful small objects such as photos, inclusions such as text, leaves, sticks, herbs, sand, dried flowers. Please bring several objects to cast.


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