Sunny Carvalho – What a Character

Sunny Carvalho
What a Character!
Sunday 23 April
One Day Workshop

What A Character - Minneapolis

In this class, you will learn how to paint a whimsical, fun character, using a variety of techniques and supplies. We will discuss different face shapes, body shapes, the value of idea journals and my method of putting it all together in a humorous, interesting way.


  • Brushes – small liner, small filbert, medium filbert, old brushes for gel medium, other brushes that you like
  • Golden Fluid Acrylics – A nice selection of colors. NOT TO WORRY! I will bring my paints in case you don’t have every color on this list! Just bring what you can. I use (constantly) Titan Buff, Titanium White, Manganese Blue, Nickel Azo Yellow, Green Gold, Burnt Umber Light, Carbon Black, Pyrrole Red Light, Quinacridone Magenta, Paynes Gray
  • Golden Open Medium ( if you don’t have this, I will bring mine)
  • Matte Medium (this is the liquid Matte Medium, not Gel Matte Medium, you should be able to shake the bottle and hear the liquid! Brand does not matter, I use both Golden and Liquitex.
  • Paper napkins with small designs, small digital art. I will bring plenty of this type paper items if you don’t really know what to bring. Stencils and stamps are fun, too, but not required.
  • Something to paint on: GessoBord is my current favorite, 8” x 10” or similar
  • Faber Castell Pitt Pens in sizes S and XS (I use XS the most) if you wish to learn pen work. This is optional. Sometimes I use a pen…and sometimes not! The pens work best on Gessobord or Bookboard, not so much on wood or canvas board.
  • Your big imagination!!!!