Sharon Payne Bolton – Nestled Behind the Double Doors

Sharon Payne Bolton
Nestled Behind the Double Doors
Thursday 20 and Friday 21 April
Two Day Workshop


Join Sharon for two days of creating!! We will be creating not just one, but two little creations. Sharon will guide you as you create a double-door-drop-spine-box and sweet little book to nestle inside. Your book will be bound using the ever-so-handy and glorious Coptic Stitch. (Two needle Coptic Stitch) Sharon has “published” a beauty of a little book for you to take with you when you leave the workshop so you can continue to fill the world with these clever little books. Her instructions have been designed to make that dreaded Coptic stitch as painless as possible! You will also receive an instruction pamphlet for the box so you can continue making these sweet little boxes for your brilliant little artist books.


This is yet another immersion workshop so there is nothing required of you ahead of time. Sharon will provide all the tools and all the supplies you need to complete your works of art. Yes, you read that right, you don’t have to buy anything or pack anything ahead of time, nothing to remember to bring and nothing to take up space in your suitcase! Although, if you have your own collection of special papers, you are welcome to bring them!
All experience levels are welcome.


We will be creating the box and your little book from book board. The boxes will then be finished with paint and various hardware and found objects. Sharon will have an array of her paper collection, vintage book pages, and papers found in the remote corners of Chinatown for you to choose from to complete your little books. (You will not be limited to an Asian theme if that is not your first choice) All the hardware you need to complete your creation will be provided!


Kit fee is $30 Includes:
Custom cut book board for your book and your box
Found papers and vintage book pages
Box hardware
Found objects
Coptic stitch instruction book
Box instructions pamphlet

Also includes use of:
PVA glue
Spray inks

Sharon will supply you with your own personal tool kit to use for your 2 days of creating and includes:
(Yay, nothing to pack!)

Cutting mat
Exacto knife
Bone folder
Sanding block
Paint brushes

The class was fabulous. You are very generous with your supplies. And, providing all the tools made my preparation for AIY much easier and enhanced the experience. You had a large class and yet, I am sure that each of us felt we had your whole attention.
Thank You,