Mindy Lacefield – Paint My Own Magic

Mindy Lacefield
Paint My Own Magic
Thursday 20 April
One Day Workshop


The other night I had this dream that I painted a unicorn and then got on him and flew away. I felt like a super-hero because of the magical, creative energy within myself. I hope to foster that same divine, magical energy in each of you. We have this powerful freedom to create and fly to mystical places. We can paint our dreams into reality. I hope you’ll take this journey with me creating from a place of child-like wonder. We will give ourselves permission to play and not worry what the adults think. We will tap into our 8 year old selves because in reality we have never changed.


We will play and get our hands messy in paint. My instruction is very intuitive with short break-out demos so that you can have plenty of time to play. I’ll show you specifics like how I paint faces and a couple different ways that you can pose your girl whether she be sitting on a cupcake or riding a unicorn. Let’s paint our own magic!


Here is a list of the supplies:

paint colors:

$10 kit fee includes

  • stabilo graphite pencil
  • how to paint a face tutorial
  • painting prompts tutorial
  • bleeding art tissue
  • stamps to share
  • neon paint to share
  • quin. nickel azo gold
  • deli paper
  • ephemera to share
  • spray inks and paints to share
  • washi tape to share
  • glitter media to share
  • Black gesso