MindyLacefield – InnerChild

Mindy Lacefield
Inner Child
Thursday 20 April
Evening Workshop


I love the idea of creating on small, non-precious materials such as manilla tags. I feel a sort of freedom in the simple. We will create two or three folk art, primitive tags using lots of transparent layers. We will create from the nostalgia of our 8 year olds selves and worry less about the outcome…..and focus on the process of getting our hands in the paint. Working quickly, we let go…..have fun…..and channel our inner child.



paint colors:

$10 kit fee includes:

  • 2 manila tags
  • stabilo graphite pencil
  • paint a face tutorial
  • stamps to share
  • neon paint to share
  • quin. nickel azo gold
  • ephemera to share
  • washi tape to share
  • glitter media to share
  • Black gesso