Kelli May Krenz – Stitching Sacred Necklaces & Bits

Kelli May Krenz
Stitching Sacred Necklaces & Bits
Thursday 20 April
Evening Workshop


Stitching to heal the soul. Stitching to find joy in the little moments that fill our life with a balance. Creating with bits of fabrics (both vintage and new) we will layer tiny pieces into creating necklaces and other wearable art. Hand stitching – You do not have to be a sewer to enjoy this class. This is all about using tiny bits of goodness that you are drawn to.


I will provide samples of art for inspiration. I will also have a list of creative starters to get your mind thinking what would make this special for you.


  • tiny pieces of fabrics
  • threads
  • sewing needles
  • buttons, seed beads, stone beads ~ trims and ribbons
  • scissors
  • glasses if you wear them

Kits contents:

  • pieces of vintage fabrics
  • ribbons
  • threads
  • vintage trims and bits of vintage jewelry to add embellishments

Kits will be assembled by me (these can be for sale) I will also have treat bags for all class members.  You will leave this class with a finished wearable necklace or flower (or both).  The wonderful thing about this stitching sacred class is that everyone’s personal style comes singing through.

I love this class.