Jodi Ohl – Abstracts on Yupo

Jodi Ohl
Abstracts on Yupo
Saturday 22 April
One Day Workshop


Abstracts on Yupo is a follow up course birthed from Jodi Ohl’s is a wildly popular class, Grunge Ink   and unique style of painting with fluid acrylic paint, inks, and more on a contemporary surface that enables the artist to achieve rich vibrant colors, intriguing textural marks, and virtually endless layers of  glorious paint.

During this course, you will immerse yourself in a wild adventure of painting on an extraordinary surface:  Yupo Paper.  Using inks, acrylics, textured objects, drawing mediums, stencils and so much more, each student will learn all of the basics on painting with these tools, as well as, complete a full size painting.


With instructor, Jodi Ohl, students will complete a large abstract on Yupo from start to finish as well as work through several exercises leading up to the ‘main event’.

If you enjoy abstract painting, love texture, are  intrigued by working with a unique surface or simply just want let loose and explore possibilities, this is the class for you!

Skill level beginner and up:  Whether you have experience in abstract art or not, this class is appropriate for all skill levels.  All you need is a sense of adventure and a willingness to let loose!


Supply List:

  • 2 Brayers-One hard brayer and one soft foam brayer.   Please use this link to purchase the foam brayer as it is the best foam brayer to use.
  • 1-2 med flat brushes and 1 small for details
  • 1 pad of 9 x 12 or 11 x 14 Yupo Paper (74 or 104 lb is fine). *5-6 sheets should be enough so if you are coming with a friend, you may want to split a pad.
  • Paint:  Golden’s High Flow Paint.  You should choose a few  colors in a warm or cool color family you like.  I suggest for either family of colors you also include shading gray, and Quinicridone Nickel Azo Gold.
  • The best value is:  Or you can purchase the singles:
  • 1 white Neo Color Water Soluble Crayon
  • 1 20 gauge Fineline Applicator filled with FLUID carbon black acrylic paint
  • 1  20 gauge Fine Line Applicator filled with FLUID titanium acrylic paint
  • A few stencils-I like to also incorporate stencils with words, letters or numbers.  Large patterns that don’t have tons of details work best.
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Water container
  • Pad of palette paper
  • Paper towels
  • Baby Wipes
  • Hair dryer helpful
  • Apron
  • *NOTE-we will be working on one larger flat surface (20 x 26). If you are flying, you may want to bring a mailing tube to roll your finished pieces in for easier transport/shipping back home.

Kit Fee:

Option 1:  15.00 which includes 1 sheet of 20 x  26 Yupo paper,  India Ink,  usage of assorted stencils, water soluble pencils, extra crayons, extra fluid acrylic paint and other mark making tools,  and handouts.

Option 2:  25.00 which includes all the above plus usage of the instructor’s Golden High Flow Paints. Please email instructor if you need this option so that the appropriate amount is supplied for the class. : Subject Abstracts on Yupo Class Supplies.