Sharon Payne Bolton: Between the Pages

Sharon Payne Bolton
Between the Pages – 3 days won’t be enough
Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th April
Master Class


This workshop will be unique in the fact that Sharon can drive to the workshop and pull a trailer full of tools and supplies to you! That’s right, 3 days isn’t enough time to explore clay, wax, resin, paint, embedding, dangling (yes, we will dangle), collaging, window and door cutting, metal stamping, image transferring onto encaustic, sewing, (and anything Sharon discovers between now and then)!



Ultimately, binding it all together with the Coptic Stitch (The two needle Coptic). In case you haven’t heard, Sharon has been on a mission to conquer that dreaded Coptic Stitch and would like to show you how you too can conquer that dreaded stitch.

In this fabulous workshop you will create your very own little Artist Book (or two if you work fast) exploring many mediums that will available to you for three FULL days. Sharon has designed this to be an immersion workshop and requires that you bring nothing with you other than your openness to create. (and your kit fee) Any experience level is welcome. (It can be challenging to create without your familiar “go-to” mediums, so if you choose not to bring any of your own goods, this is a great opportunity to push your comfort zone and your boundaries)


Sharon will supply you with your own tool kit to use for your 3 days of creating and includes:

Cutting mat
Exacto knife
Bone folder
Sanding block
Paint brushes
Template for binding book

Kit fee is $45.00 for all 3 days! It includes 2 sets of 10 blank book pages (book board, approx. 3”x 4”), clay (Aves Apoxie), use of encaustic wax, paints, resin (if you choose to resin), access to vintage papers and old books, including some great old poetry books, leathers, ship charts, trinkets, and found objects for you to use as your own for three full days!

(Yay, nothing to pack!)


The class was fabulous. You are very generous with your supplies. And, providing all the tools made my preparation for AIY much easier and enhanced the experience. You had a large class and yet, I am sure that each of us felt we had your whole attention.
Thank You,

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