Robin Dudley-Howes: Miniature Book Necklace

Robin Dudley-Howes
Miniature Book Necklace
Saturday 8th April
One Day Workshop

smallerAIY mini book hocus pocus VII 2017

I had such fun making these and you will too. In this class we’ll take the foundations of book making into miniature territory by scaling down and thinking “small”, making a book you can hold in the palm of your hand. I will show you how to make the whole book from scratch using my hand made molds, clay, stamps and embossing tools as well as hand stitched signature pages.

AIY book necklace gilded 2017

You’ll also learn how to give your book a gilded look or antique leather look and we’ll finish it off with layers of embellishment. If you choose to make your little masterpiece into a necklace bring something to hang it on like beaded chain or ribbon. You will love these little books! Bring your own materials or purchase a kit in class, it’s up to you

AIY mini book hocus pocus 2017

Optional kits available $25-$30

I will have at least 2 styles of kits to choose from which will have everything you need to make either the Gilded lady for $25 or Hocus Pocus book for $30. Most items you see in the samples will be provided in the kit or very similar.

Supplies to bring:

  • Needle and thread
  • Embossing tools if you have them
  • Rubbing alcohol if you are not flying
  • Rubber stamp, optional
  • Small hole punch tool, 1/8 inch

Materials to bring if you don’t’ buy a kit:

  • White Apoxie sculpt by Aves,¼ lb available on
  • charms, beads, chain and items to embellish
  • paper for the signatures like scrapbook paper or music papers
  • small square of soft leather about 3×3 for the spine
  • cord or laces to bind and close the book

I will bring several adhesives, paint, brushes, tools, hole punch, pliers, card stock.

Contact me for questions;


AIY mini book hocus pocus VIII2017

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