Robin Dudley-Howes: Altered Art Bottles

Robin Dudley-Howes
Altered Art Bottles
Friday 7th April
Evening Workshop

AIY altered art bottle collage 2017

Turn a plain glass bottle into a doll, necklace or vessel keepsake. Robin will show you fun and creative applications using wax, wire, assemblage, collage, fibers, buttons, rusted metal, broken ceramic and doll parts. We will cover your bottle with salvaged, repurposed and new ephemera and turn it into a unique conversation piece. You should be able to finish 1-3 bottles.

AIY altered art bottles necklaces 2017

If time allows, we will learn how to paint a simple rose onto your chosen surface. Robin will have bits and pieces to purchase separately along with bottles, doll parts and individual kits but most of the materials to make these bottles are easy to find and you probably have several in your junk stash, bathroom or kitchen. For example, you can use an empty perfume bottle and some broken jewelry or even an empty spice or vanilla bottle. Most of these bottles are no larger than 8 inches, the smallest being about 1.5 inches.

AIY pretty altered art bottle doll 2017

Materials to bring: small glass bottle(s), wire (I use 19g annealed steel, available on or Ace hardware). Extra items to consider bringing: broken jewelry, chain, buttons, doll parts, lace, ribbon, rhinestone chain, vintage pattern paper, old keys, charms. If you want to make a doll, bring an old porcelain doll head, arms, legs etc. in proportion to your bottle. If you are making a necklace, bring chain or something to hang your bottle from.

Optional kits range in price $5- $25

Robin will supply the melting pot, beeswax, paint, paint brushes, cheesecloth, vintage pattern paper, rubber stamps & pads, rub ons, permanent inks, all types of adhesives and epoxy. She will also have lots of supplies to purchase relevant to this class. Please feel free to contact her for questions:


AIY altered art bottle gypsy 2017 AIY altered art bottles bird 2017

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