Michael deMeng – Shoe Shrine

Michael deMeng
The Ever-Stylish Italian Shoe Shrine
Sunday 9th April
One Day Workshop


Ever noticed how those pointy Italian designer shoes look remarkably like a shrine? Well, maybe you haven’t, but I have. It’s time to clean out those closets and put some use to those old uncomfortable shoes. Using a variety of found objects combined with a bit of painting and collage, you will leave with a stylish assemblage wall shrine. Pull out those uncomfortable pointy Italian shoes and put them to good use.

It’s time to shrine your shoes.

shoeshrine (1)

Kit fee $20 includes glues, clay, paint.

Supply List

  • Please bring the following: a couple of old shoes (preferably ones you don’t want to wear anymore.
  • Paint brushes, a few detail or line brushes and some flat brushes in a few different sizes
  • Bring a variety of doodads and thingymajigs. You’ll need a variety of found objects to choose from. The more the better.
  • Optional
    • Dremel with Cut-off wheel
    • Heat Gun


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