Michael deMeng – Apocalypto Shrines

Michael deMeng
Apocalypto Shrines a.k.a. Beyond Thunder Duomo
Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th April
Master Class


Perhaps I have too much time on my hands, but one of the things I like to ponder is strange alternative realities. Recently I was considering the universal desire/need that humans have to create shrines, and because I recently watched the new Mad Max film I wondered what shrines might look like in a post apocalyptic society. Most certainly they would exist, but I surmised they would exist using the debris, dust and rust that might accompany such a world. And viola…Apocalypto Shrines.


In this class we are going to create shrines from the discarded…but most importantly we will create shrines that are crusty, dusty and (most importantly) rusty. Using a variety of techniques we will thoroughly oxide and verdigris your creations until they look like they’ve been to the end of the world and back again.

It’s the end of the world, as we know it and I feel shrine.


Kit fee $45
Instructor will supply:

  • Verday Patina
  • Golden Brand Acrylic Paints
  • Ave’s Apoxie Clay
  • E6000 Adhesive
  • Texture

Student need to bring supply List

  • Something to build your shrine from. This could be just about anything. I would recommend some sort of box. Wood might be easiest to work with but will find a way to make whatever you bring work.
  • Variety of found objects that might be interesting additions Items like, dolls, watch parts, gears, typewriter parts, milagros, bolts, pieces of old metal, straps of leather, dried out spaghetti…anything. Look for things that might seem “shrine-ish” in nature.
  • Paint Brushes (a couple small detail brushes, and some cheap brushes (1/2 inch to 1 inch in size)


  • Dremel
  • Basic tools – i.e. pliers, hammer, etc.
  • Heat gun


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