Libby Williamson: Paint n Stitch

Libby Williamson
Paint ’n Stitch – Collage with Hand-Painted Papers and Free-Motion Stitching
Saturday 8th April
One Day Workshop

Print 'n Stitch #2 Libby Williamson

Come get ‘up to your elbows’ in paint as we spend the first half of the morning creating a stash of luscious hand-printed papers using texture rubbings, printing blocks, stamps, stencils and gelatin print plates. As soon as the paint dries, the papers will be collaged to fabric substrates.  After lunch we will add fabulous stitching details using free-motion sketching. Forget about meticulous quilting patterns and precise, even stitches. This is rouge sewing!

In order to achieve a sketchy look with the stitching, we will be sewing with the feed dogs disengaged, using a free-motion foot or a darning foot on the sewing machines.

PrintStitch 1 Libby Williamson

What to Bring:
Scissors, a paint apron, and a gelatin print plate and brayer (only if you have them… I have many to share)
If you are driving to the retreat and have a sewing machine with free-motion capability and a darning foot or free-motion foot, please bring it. I will have a few machines to share.

Kit fee: $25
Includes a variety of papers for painting and printing, acrylic paints, stamps and stencils to share, gelatin plates, brayers, brushes and an assortment of mark-making tools to use, a large selection of fabrics for the collage substrates, an iron and ironing board, rotary cutters and cutting mats, heat guns and hair dryers to use, hand sewing needles and floss and…chocolate.

Print 'n Stitch #3 Libby Williamson

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