Kecia Deveney: Divine Spirit Doll

Kecia Deveney
Divine Spirit Doll
Friday 7th April
One Day Workshop

I am a forager. I like to pick up things that I find on my walkabouts. I feel inspired by them and like to imagine ways to create with them. Some of them are rusty, some of them are nature (sticks, rocks, flowers, pods, etc). I also like to hoard fabrics that are ripped, stained and shredded. So in my case, it would be the torn and tattered piece of velvet that I’ve been saving forever. Someone would think, “throw that away”. But to me it exemplifies BEAUTY.

PicMonkey Collage

Divine Spirit is YOU, but it is also something greater that flows through you and creates meaningful and positive impact on all those you come in contact with. In short, divine purpose is how you make the world a better place, how you cultivate happiness, and how you help others find happiness too.


My first Divine Spirit doll actually came out in a class I was taking. It wasn’t what we were doing, but I felt compelled to make it. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t continue with my other project until I felt this one was complete. And it all started with inspiring things I found on my morning walk. So in creating our Divine Spirits, we will combining foraged and tattered to create a nurturing and soulful entity that embodies our divine purpose and how we view the world.


Supply list:

  • (1) long stick- between 24”- 32” (this depends on how tall you want your doll)
  • (1) shorter stick – between 10” – 20”(this depends on how wide you want your cloak)
    small sticks to tie into a bundle (optional) 6”-7”
  • acrylic paints: white, black, yellow, blue, pink and red (small amount is fine)
  • paint brushes (wide, liner, flat)
  • water container, palette
  • sewing needle and embroidery threads— white, black, red
  • scissors
  • fibers, string (i love vintage ecru string)
  • fabric scraps- bring a small smattering of items as we will be hand sewing pieces together. Think tattered, shredded, ripped, stained, etc: old cutter quilt, old curtain, old ticking,
    upholstery scraps, old lace, old velvet, appliqués
  • optional embellishments: bells, small rusty items (that are able to be sewn down)
  • optional – newborn baby hat – I tied a wool hat (that looks like fox ears around mine) – I found
    it on etsy.

**supply list subject to updates as needed.


$20 kit fee for product use, muslin, doll stuffing, burlap, cheesecloth and use of sewing machine.
You may want to coffee stain your fabrics before class to give them an aged look. (if you prefer). Also, I will have vintage fabrics to sell in class as well. yummy stuff! Please message me at with any questions.


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