Kecia Deveney: Art Brut

Kecia Deveney
Art Brut
Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th April

Art Brut is the style of rough, raw with an unfinished appearance, created outside the boundaries of official social cultures. Think of street art with its raw, edgy, graffiti, stenciled, scribbly writing (cacography) and TONS of layers.


We are going to spend two FULL days exploring this technique. Day one will consist of building our background layers. It’s all about exploration, playing and experimenting with no other expectations OR pressures placed upon ourselves to create the “most perfect painting ever”. I will recite this over and over again! It’s about discovery and rawness without worrying about making some beautiful. We will create this urban look with stencils, spray paints, markers, pencils, crayons and more.

Day two will bring us to creating a final layer on top of all this awesome work. What will that be? We don’t know yet. I will bring all kinds of interesting images, books and inspiration for you to hone in on as we make our way through the grit of our urban art adventure.


Supply list:

  • 24×36 or 36×36 canvas for your main project. Please pre gesso your canvas before class with a few coats of gesso. This saves a lot of time.
  • a smaller canvas or mixed media paper as a side project (good for experimenting techniques on)
  • white and black gesso
  • favorite stencils (maybe we can share with each other!)
  • paintbrushes in a variety of sizes (foam, flat, liner, etc.)
  • water container
  • apron
  • journal or notebook
  • pens, pencils and markers (just grab from your stash)
  • wash cloth
  • small spray bottle
  • a few liquid inks like Bombay in bright colors
  • acrylic paints (your favorite brand and colors)
  • small plastic tablecloth
  • a few spray paints – i’d suggest red, black, yellow and purple. i’ll have black and white and metallic to share
  • blow dryer and ext. cord (no heat guns)

kit fee: $10 includes a shared table of supplies to use in your work such as stencils, spray paints (which will be used outside only), deli paper, mark making tools, etc.

Kecia Deveney


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