Judith Dides: Love Lights – Mini Soutache Pendants

Judith Dides
Love Lights: Mini Soutache Pendants
Friday 7th April
Evening Workshop


What color is your love light?

I made this pendant just for fun, wore it and got many compliments; it is now one of my most popular pieces.
I named it Love Light Pendant because it attracts people just like love does. One day at a conference, a lady ran up to me and said, “Where did you get that? I saw it glowing from across the room.”

Simple and elegant, the Love Light Pendant consists of a lunasoft cabochon surrounded by a seed bead bezel, soutache and a combination of crystals and beads.

If you’ve heard about soutache and want to know what all the fuss is about then this workshop is for you. In this beginner’s workshop, you will learn basic techniques of soutache jewelry and make your own Love Light Pendant.

All eyes will be on you when you wear this pendant you created yourself. After this taste of soutache, if you’re like me, you’ll want more. Watch out, you could become obsessed!

Soutache braid surrounds a glowing focal point, adorned with crystals, glass and seed beads.
Fine needlework skills like hand sewing, embroidery, lace making or tatting or beading experience are all a plus.

Kits in several color combinations provide most of the supplies you’ll need. Instructor will provide the rest such as beading thread and glue.


Kit $27.00
Kit contains:

  • Soutache braid to complete project pre-cut and pre-measured
  • One beading needle
  • Ultra suede
  • Seed beads
  • Four 4mm bead (3 crystal bicones, 1 glass pearl)
  • One 6 or 8 mm bead
  • One accent bead
  • One bail
  • One jump ring
  • One ribbon/cord necklace
  • One lunasoft cabochon as focal point pre-glued to Lacy’s beading foundation

Instructor will supply:

  • Beading thread
  • Extra needles
  • Extra jump rings
  • Glue
  • Mounting medium
  • Instructor will bring extra tools and rulers students may use

Material students bring:

  • Beading mat
  • Cutters
  • Small sharp pointed scissors
  • Beading tools (chain nose pliers, round nose pliers)

Optional items students might want to bring:

  • Small task lamp
  • Reading glasses
  • Magnifiers
  • Small ruler


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