Jen Cushman: Tattered Hearts

Jen Cushman
Tattered Hearts; Freeform Sculpture
Friday 7th April
Evening Workshop


There is something incredibly satisfying about taking a lump of clay and forming it into an object of desire. We’ll be exploring the freedom that comes from raw creativity when one’s materials are limited to clay, paint and a few simple marking making tools and one’s own hands. While hearts are indeed the easiest of shapes to achieve in handbuilding, the hearts we’ll be making tell a story of love lost, love gained and the emotional tolls one pays for passion. Our hearts are a little bit wonky, with puncture marks and scratches. Visible sorrows, but still beating strong with hope and healing. Brass wings ensure our heart’s desires always take flight. Even clipped or broken wings can still fly.


During our evening together, we’ll be making a pocket full of tattered beauties that you can either turn into jewelry with the additional of handmade steel wire bails, or leave without attachment as embellishments for future mixed-media assemblage projects. For those of you who enjoy Art Abandonment, these freeform sculptures are inexpensive and creative objects to let loose in a world that always needs a reminder to love. This will be a joyful and relaxed evening of wide open he{art}.

Tools and Supplies to bring:

NOTHING!  Instructor will supply everything. If you wish to make wire-worked bails to turn your heart s into jewelry, please bring round nose and chain nose pliers.

Kit fee: $15 includes clay, paints, patina, brass wings, marking making tools

Have a question? Please feel free to email me at prior to the retreat.


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