Debby Anderson: No Greater Love

Debby Anderson
No Greater Love than a Mother’s love
Thursday 4th April

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I am excited to share this beautiful project with you as we create one of a kind pendants of the Virgin Mary and a beautiful ornate cross.

Please join me while we will apply paint, color, and antiquing methods to bring out the fine details of the Madonna. You will create one of a kind embellished bezel pendants using a soldering iron while replicating an “old world” relic from the past. Our relic story continues as we complete the back of our pendants. We will solder beautiful embossed metal stampings, ornate brackets, and embellish with lace, imagery, and/or repurposed embroidery.

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You will also design and create a one of a kind ornate soldered cross ~ embellished with filigree, medals, and/or small findings.

*You may want to bring a special rosary chain, or necklace to feed through the bail to proudly wear your gorgeous work of art!

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• Students will paint, apply color and antiquing methods.
• Students will form and manipulate wire and embellishments to create a bezel using a soldering iron.
• Students will securely attach embellishments while soldering.
• Students will create a wire bail and connector.
• Students will create an ornate cross while soldering.

KIT FEE – $40 – payable to instructor at class time and includes:
All materials to create one Madonna pendant & one ornate cross with filigrees and medals. Includes Instruction and Resource sheets.

~All vintage embellishments will be provided by students.

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Instructor will share:

  • A selection of sized-images (for back of pendant)
  • wire cutters
  • sheers
  • bailing and wrap ’n tap pliers
  • Novocan Black (patina)
  • 0000 steel wool
  • metal sand paper
  • baby wipes
  • Acrylic Paint (white)
  • Fluid Chalk (Pan Pastels)
  • Walnut Ink
  • Paper Towels
  • Baby Wipes

Supply List:

  • Soldering equipment. If you do not have soldering equipment, click this link for all the soldering equipment. Great prices and customer service.
  • 100 Watt Soldering Iron (Weller is the brand I use and encourage)
  • Soldering Iron Stand
  • Flux, flux brush, Sal Ammoniac block, lead free solder
  • Heat resistant surface (Fire brick, magnesium brick, or silicone baking mat)
  • Small cookie sheet, or towel to protect venue table from solder
  • Hardware Store Pliers (for soldering)
  • Jewelry Tools – Round, Chain and Flat Nose Pliers, Flush Cutters
  • Chasing Hammer, Bench Block and Bench Pad, or small towel
  • Extension Cord, and/or power strip
  • Fluid Chalks (I use Pan Pastels)
  • Paint Brush for applying color
  • Embellishments – vintage rhinestones, crosses, spiritual medals (I will supply for making the cross), small found objects

For the back of your pendant ~ you may want to bring lace, a small embroidery, or cross stitch fabric piece, etc.

*You may want to bring a special rosary chain, or pre made necklace

Resource links will be shared

Work Light
ear plugs if desired

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