Colleen Colquhoun: FairyTail Fox – Small Paper Clay Fox Doll

Colleen Colquhoun
FairyTail Fox – Small Paper Clay Fox Doll
Sunday 9th April
One Day Workshop

As children, sometimes all that we needed was a Fairytale to help us “Believe” in something, which might otherwise be too difficult to comprehend!

In this one day class, we will spend the Day connecting with our “inner Child” to create a “Fairy Like” Fox Doll!

We will create a 5 inch simple paper clay doll. By Simple I mean the arms and legs are one snake of clay each with basic style hands and feet …Your Kit will contain a premade soft Body, a head armature and the “bones” for the arms and legs. The Fox head can be left Primitive …, allowing the Face painting to create the detail or you can add some sculpting… I will show you an easy technique! … We will sand, paint and then assemble the Doll. Her simple clothes are snippets of Vintage lace and a strip of an old fur for her collar! but if you’d like to use something special for your Fox …bring it! Ps…Of course your Fox Can be a BOY IF YOU LIKE!

Kit fee $20.00 and includes:

  • Tutorial
  • Paper clay
  • Premade soft body, “bones” and Head armature
  • Findings, Gems and “Doodads” for Embellishment (The Best Part!!!)
  • Sanding sponges … Micromesh polishing cloth
  • LACE and FUR
  • Use of paints, glues, mediums

Students must bring:

  • Any Sculpting tools that you are comfortable with, including a needle tool and an exacto knife. (If you don’t have tools, I will be bringing my favorites to sell).
  • Paintbrushes: Medium Soft, Flat and a few small to tiny brushes for detail.
  • Needle nose pliers, small wire cutters
  • Scissors and super tacky or fabritac glue needle and thread
  • A small wooden block with holes drilled that 19 gauge or smaller wire will fit in.
  • A small tile to work and paint on (I LOVE an 8×6 shiny ceramic tile) but you don’t have to have it….you can work on a foam plate


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