Colleen Colquhoun: Dear Vintage Deer Fairies

Colleen Colquhoun
Dear Vintage Deer Fairies: A Paper Clay Doll
Saturday 8th April
One Day Workshop


Dear Little Deer Fairies…Precious and Rare…I think Small Handmade Dolls that have movement are so enchanting!! So Let’s create a ”Dear” little Jointed Deer Fairy from Paper clay …Let’s do “Enchanted”!

In this Workshop, we will learn the basics of creating a small 6 inch simple jointed doll from paper clay and wire. Your Kit will include a premade torso, head and Antler armature, also arm and leg bones. We start the sculpt with a simple premade armature so that we can get through the Doll in one day but I will Demo how I got you to this point (This information will also be in the tutorial File that I send out). We will sculpt out the face, then , simple hands and feet. We will sand, paint, wig, and then wire the doll together. The Deer Fairy’s Clothing are small snippets of Lace, ribbon and fur…which will all be included in your kit.


Kit fee $ 20.00

Kit includes:
A Basic Tutorial File that I will send to your Email
Paper clay,
Premade Torso, Head and Antler armature
Premade mohair Wig
Wire, findings and Gems for stringing and Embellishment
Sanding sponges … Micromesh polishing cloth
Lace , fabric, ribbon, fur
Use of paints, glues, mediums, sanding tools

Students must bring:
Any Sculpting tools that you are comfortable with,
Needle tool
Exacto knife (handle with small blade)
Needle nose pliers
Small wire cutters
A small piece of wood with at least 8 holes drilled (22 gauage wire must fit the holes)
Paintbrushes: A small Soft Flat brush to paint the dolls skin (smooth flat bristles are ideal because they don’t leave brush marks)
A few small to tiny brushes for detail.

** Your kit will include everything you need to clothe and Embellish your Doll, but if you have anything special that you’d like to use…Bring it !

** If you don’t have sculpting tools, I will have my favorites for sale in class


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