Carrie Clayden: Paint with PASSION!

Carrie Clayden
Paint with PASSION!
Sunday 9th April
One Day Workshop

art is you

Would you like to have fun and learn how to paint with passion? Then this class is for you. We launch into acrylic painting right away, rotating between two or more canvases. While one is drying we are painting the other so we always have our hands busy.

paint with passion

We create depth with layers of acrylic paint, using unconventional tools to create texture. Palette knives, paper towels, scrappers, wipes and our hands are our tools. The class is energized with lively music, one on one instruction and demos. I bring years of teaching experience along with a Bachelor of Arts degree towards my overall concept of how to paint. If you’ve never painted or you have experience, you will benefit from loosing up and finding yourself through an abstract approach. I guarantee you will be happy with your results! Handouts, goodies and fun included.

Art is you 2017

I provide high quality paint and all supplies except your canvas for a $20.00 kit fee.

The benefit is no hassles with new supplies, the use of my paints and materials, and the ease of walking into a class ready to create.

Please bring at least 2 canvases of your choice to paint on. Size is up to you.

Any questions? email me at

art is you 2016

“I had the amazing opportunity to take Carrie Clayden’s “Bloom With Me” class at Art is You last month is Santa Rosa. I already paint with acrylics and know my way around paints and paintbrushes but figured taking a class I might learn a thing or two. And did I ever!!! Carrie is a fun, energetic and engaging teacher that pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me to loosen up more. I learned so much about not being so rigid in my paintings. I used colors I would have never dreamed of using, used paintbrushes in ways I never thought to use them, and used my hands and fingertips to apply paint like I never had before. I can honestly say it was life-changing for me and the way I paint on canvas. I can’t wait to learn from her again!!”
DeBi Tucker

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