Andrea Matus deMeng: Literary Illusions

Andrea Matus deMeng
Literary Illusions
Sunday 9th October
One Day Workshop


I admit it, I’m absolutely the type of person that will gravitate towards a bottle of wine with a cool label or book with a gorgeous cover…and yes I know that what’s important is the content, but an amazing book cover is absolutely an invitation to find out more about what is hidden inside.

In this class it’s not only ok to judge a book by its cover it’s highly recommended. We’re going take an ordinary everyday hardcover book and transform it into a work of art worthy of whatever you choose to put inside.


Using a plethora of mixed media techniques, we are going to collage, sculpt, assemble, upholster, paint and adorn our way to bookish bliss. We’ll incorporate techniques to age, color and antique found objects, fabric and paper. I’ll also show you a variety of methods to achieve sumptuous textures and create illusive windows with mica and transparencies. Your finished book will truly be one-of-a-kind.

You will be transforming the everyday book into something elegant, opulent and shall we say “novel”.


Kit Includes: $30.00
Use of all Golden Paint, mediums, adhesives, Aves Epoxy Clay, collage package, small piece of mica, transparency, waxed linen thread, and cheese cloth

Supply List:
Hard cover book – this could be a sketchbook, journal or any hard cover book (about 5”X8” is a good size)
An assortment of found objects, things like: brass filigrees, old jewelry pieces, buckles, lenses, wings, fabric, lace, keys, keyholes, bits of ribbon, sequins, metal doodads, just about anything really…
A few paintbrushes (at least one detail brush and 3-4 assorted inexpensive bristle brushes)
Water container

Enough fabric for covering your book (light upholstery weight)
A small frame
Tweezers (helpful for placing small items)
Additional ephemera
Heat gun


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