Seth Apter & Kecia Deveney: Animal Magnetism

Kecia Deveney & Seth Apter
Animal Magnetism
Wednesday 5th April
Evening Workshop

When Seth and Kecia were teaching at Art is You Australia, July 2016, they realized that they had a common love of wrapping things; sticks, art, bundles, etc. They both were going through a similar phase of wanting to add fiber and texture to art in order to enhance their being.

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For Kecia the act of wrapping items not only adds texture, but there is something about the presence of fibers that changes up the quality of the work. Kecia finds it calming and centering. For Seth, wrapping is also meditative and calming. His view is that wrapping represents strength, reinforcement, protection and healing. And the addition of fibers via wrapping adds a layer of texture to any creation that cannot be duplicated any other way.

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They had a discussion one evening and thought it would be fun to co teach a class that involved wrapping an item, which they decided would be an animal. It is thought that for every human, exists our spirit animal or totem. In essence, wrapping is a way to arrange or fold as a cover or protection.

So what exactly is a spirit animal? Simply, it is the animal spirits whose qualities that we feel most connected to or qualities that are connected with us. It is a simple belief, that we are all connected, humans, animals and mother earth. It is believed that our animal spirits (totems) can guide us through all or certain parts of our lives. These totems aren’t to be limited to just one though. For Kecia her spirit animals are the deer, the lion and the rabbit (although she prefers to call them, bunnies). In particular, it is the deer that is constantly showing itself to her.

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For fun, they have a pre homework quiz for students to take before the class that will reveal your animal spirit. After your spirit animal is revealed, you can then go and read more about that particular animal and decide if that is the animal you would like to create. You do not have to create an animal however. If you feel you’d rather create a being of sorts – then that is fine too!

So we’d like you to 1)take the quiz and 2)read more about your spirit animal. From there, you can be prepared in class to recreate your totem. You are welcome to print out photos of your animal as well (or use your smart phone) for visual integrity. It also will help you pick out fibers, yarns that you feel best represent your spirit guide. In class they will prompt and guide you using listed supplies to bring this spirit a physical representation.

Please find quiz here: and animal meanings here: http://

Here follows a basic guideline to finding your special animal:

Which animals have always fascinated you, especially in childhood?
Which animals have you always felt connected to?
What animals do you see frequently in the wild?
Which quality of animal best describes your personality?
Which animals do you have around you in pictures or figurines?

Kit fee $10 – to include chicken wire, fibers and a few extras

Student supply list:

    • Take quiz that will be emailed to you
    • Read up on animal that best represents your spirit
    • Bring yarns and fibers
    • Scissors
    • Masking tape
    • Wire Snips
    • Flat Nose Pliers
    • Rebar Wire
    • Gloves


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